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Left Bank

August 1, 2014

5-spiced duck confit tempura w du puy lentil cassoulet, wilted greens, orange vinaigrette - 2

J's comment > not bad; very well done tempura factor, the batter on the outside was crisp when it arrived at the table, and not only in the kitchen, to wilt at the table like some other restaurants; duck cooked well, tender, but just the slightest bit dry; lovely vinaigrette but could have used a lot more sauce; lentils OK but they were still just lentils

Braised lamb tagine w date couscous, tomato rag├╣, raita - 2

J's comment > not bad; very tender lamb if only just the slightest bit dry; went well w the ragu sauce; a good creation of a lamb tagine, but nothing out of the ordinary

Complimentary baguette & butter - 2

J's comment > baguette on the hard side; butter really delish though, slightly salted and so creamy

Fresh grape & goat cheese truffles w spiced almond crust - 2

J's comment > goat cheese flavor not too strong; not too much cheese around; the grape definitely shown through

Fresh figs w soft camembert, pomegranate glaze, maple & cumin walnuts - 2

J's comment > fig texture very similar to eggplant, not too sweet either, so on first bite, without being told what this was, I would have thought it was eggplant; camembert flavor not too strong either; spotlight was definitely on the eggplant fig

Complimentary popcorn popped in duck fat - 2

J's comment > strong duck flavor; popcorn avg though

Dessert Degustation (a wee bit of everything) - 2

Chocolate marquis w green tea ice cream - 2

Raspberry and goat cheese cake w hazelnut crumb, raspberry sauce - 2

Coconut panacotta w black sesame cake, kumquat, fresh mango - 2

J's comment > chocolate marquis was definitely the fav of the bunch, not bad at all, very creamy chocolate, more like mousse texture but rich; cheesecake didn't have much cheese flavor, kinda just like a gelatinous jello mousse cake; panacotta tad too stiff, decent amt of coconut flavor, sesame cake kinda mochi texture though

Houblon Chouffe - 2

J's commnet > very hoppy as described on the menu


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Extra Comment
This used to be the old Parisien. Same team and owner, just different chef.

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