Thursday, August 14, 2014


August 14, 2014

Chocolate Red Wine: Chocolate base filled with mascarpone mousse, port cherry red wine infused buttercream icing, dark chocolate disc and red wine gelee topping - 2+

J's comment > soooo moist and creamy... choc flavor definitely present but not too strong, giving a decent flavor launch pad for the cherry buttercream icing (didn't get the wine factor, but totally fine without it); buttercream fluffy and light; the gelee was definitely the 'cherry on top' :P; sinful, truly sinful... Vancouver's answer to my Sprinkles craving

Fool's Gold: Vanilla base cake filled w grape jelly splashed w Cabernet Franc topped w crunchy peanut butter buttercream and crispy bacon - 2+

J's comment > pb & j cupcake! Finally! excellent, perfect balance of the pb & j (y'know, sometimes it's just a tad too much pb or a tad too much j, but this was the ultimate balance; bacon OK, but wouldn't have minded either way, with or without; loved the lil kernels of pb crunch, wished there was just a tad more though; another excellent fluffy buttercream... now if I can just have that pb & j burger @ To Dine For as well...

Rum & Coke: Vanilla base filled w strong cola cream, topped w rum buttercream and crushed coke candy - 2

J's comment > not bad; lovely buttercream topping as with the other two cupcakes above and moist cupcake as well; no rum flavor but I was cool w that; the cola cream on the inside though was runny (think the texture of chocolate lava from a well made chocolate lava cake) and too sweet for my liking, although strangely, it wasn't coke flavored, just sweet

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I got here at the end of the day and was wary that the cupcakes might be stale by then, but I was so pleased that they were still awesome! I take back what I said from my Jun 16 posting.

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