Saturday, August 23, 2014

Marble Slab Creamery on Denman

August 23, 2014

Double dark chocolate w Snickers - 2

J's comment > not bitter in the least, in fact, couldn't tell the difference between this 'dark chocolate' and the 'swiss chocolate' below; snickers OK, but not the best mixin combo

Chocolate Swiss w Oreo Cookies - 2

J's comment > essentially 'just' chocolate ice cream, not sure what's so 'swiss' about it; Oreo impact not as awesome compared to if it were on its own

Sweet cream - 2

White chocolate - 2

J's comment > avg texture ice creams, sweet cream more cream and less sweet than the white chocolate

Red velvet - 2

Maple - 2

J's comment > surprisingly the red velvet actually tasted like vanilla cupcake; maple was, well, maple... nothing else to add...


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