Thursday, August 14, 2014

Meat and Bread on Pender

August 14, 2014

Porchetta w salsa verde & crackling - 2

J's comment > no idea what happened, but this ain't the same porchetta sandwich I drooled for in the past; bread a tad hard, fighting dominance for crispness w the crackling, a softer bun would have done better methinks; decent amt of pork, but w the density of the bread, needs more meat to overcome; also needs more salsa verde; come to think of if, this sandwich just needed more of everything except the bread

Smoked tomato eggplant soup - 1

J's comment > texture thick (probably due to the eggplant); flavor all tomato, I'd say it's your avg thick tomato soup, except that the 'smokiness' was more like 'burnt' - OK, borderline burnt, but still burnt to me


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