Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New Bhaia Sweet Shop & Restaurant

August 19, 2014

Beef Samosa - 2+

J's comment > moist and flavorful beef on the inside; firm and slightly crisp samosa wrapper around the beef, the edges were very crisp actually; served lukewarm, would have preferred it hot; also, I'm really hoping that streak of green isn't from a marker but some wayward veggie that got 'stuck' on the samosa in the kitchen...

Lunch special: Butter chicken curry & naan - 2+

J's comment > insanely soft-as-a-pillow naan that I actually preferred over the butter chicken! The indian 'equivalent' of me not minding in eating a pizza crust than the pizza center (like Bufala!); butter chicken flavor was good too, chicken was tender but just the slightest bit dry; this 2+ is definitely for the naan; served piping hot

Gulab jamun - 2

J's comment > soft but dense balls of sweet dough; sweeter than the ones I've had in restaurants but these were much firmer (no soft insides) and didn't have any syrup to drown them in; also had slight granules of sugar mixed in the dough that didn't dissolve


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