Sunday, August 31, 2014

Quail's Gate Winery

August 31, 2014

Brief Note from J
None of the white or red wines particularly stood out for me as 1) I'm not a fan of either red or white wines so since I don't really care for them, I didn't pay closeattention, and 2) honestly, after sipping 52 different wines over 2 days, I can't keep track of them all. Food though, is an entirely different story :D. And I do like icewines and dessert wines, so I made sure to remember those. Anyhoos, I made collages of the wines I tasted since I took their pics anyways:

Quail's Gate Dessert Wines
Quail's Gate: Riesling Icewine - 2+

Quail's Gate: Optima - 2

Quail's Gate: Fortified Vintage Foch - 2

J's comment > 'd the Riesling Icewine! Very sweet but easy on the palate;

Optima had strong notes of rot which was OK but didn't compare to the riesling;

Foch was like a chocolaty port but nowhere near as strong

FYI, you can choose to have the dessert wines served in the chocolate cup you see in the pic, but I thought it would be difficult to not shatter the wine holder when I nibble at it, so got the dessert wines served on the side; chocolate cup was passable

Quail's Gate Whites

Quail's Gate Reds

Tasting Menu

Scenic view from the balcony @ Quail's Gate

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