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Rainflower / 粵之醉海鮮酒家

August 17, 2014

#33 Baked BBQ pork bun - 2

J's comment > not bad; bun soft; pineapple topping needs more flavor, but texture was OK; needs more char siu too

#19 Roasted pork roll - 2

J's comment > not bad; very soft bun; roasted pork wasn't your expected char siu, more like a chinese 'pulled pork'; tender meat

#46 Mini egg custard tart - 2

J's comment > not bad; flaky pastry crust w a firm yet not dense, and soft egg custard center; loved the size too, chibi egg tarts!

#44 Baked durian rolls - 2

J's comment > not bad; very soft and flaky crust, with an even softer durian filling; I'm not particularly fond of durian, but this was OK

#47 Mango & taro ball - 2

J's comment > more like mochi than anything else really; taro made up the filling which was soft, but hardly any taro flavor; most definitely didn't get any 'mango' out of the dough either

#26 Deep fried soft dumpling w minced pork - 2

J's comment > a tad hard, not as 'mochi-like' as preferred; needed a lot more pork filling

#25 Seafood salad rolls w wasabi sauce - 2

J's comment > wrapper needed to be fried just a tad more for more crispness (& color); seafood salad filling OK but more mayo than seafood

#66 Pan fried green bean w minced pork & preserved vegetable - 2

J's comment > your avg plate of green beans and pork; flavor not too strong; beans cooked OK; needs lot more pork

#61 Deep fried fresh squid tentacle in spicy salt - 2

J's comment > crisp batter; squid slightly chewy; not 'fishy' nor too salty

#10 Steamed chicken feet w house sauce - 2

J's comment > avg, flavor present but could be bolder; feet need to be stewed more, a tad hard

#53 Deep fried tofu w minced garlic salt - 2

J's comment > fried well, exterior was crisp and inside was soft, but exterior a tad thick; garlic salt not too salty, in fact, would have liked it a bit stronger

#1 Rainflower steamed shrimp dumpling (har gao) - 2

J's comment > your avg har gao, passable, nothing wrong with it, but nothing worth remembering either; wrapper decent, a tad thick; shrimp firm but needs more flavor

#5 Steamed dumpling w shrimp & pork (siu mai) - 2

J's comment > your avg siu mai, passable, nothing wrong with it, but completely boring; meat firm but not much flavor

#29 Pan fried radish cake w dried shrimp & preserved meat - 2

J's comment > decent, slightly better than the avg radish cake, good thickness for the fry factor

#22 Fried eggplant stuffed w seafood paste - 2

J's comment > avg eggplant, soft and mush-like; seafood paste tasted like the stuff you can buy from the supermarket

#51 Shredded chicken & jelly fish in sesame sauce - 2

J's comment > chicken was OK, but jelly fish and sesame sauce was definitely MIA; actually, this was just shredded chicken; Shi Art's MUCH better

#34 Steamed rice w chicken feet & pork rib - 2

J's comment > same comments for the ribs & chicken feet as above and below (both proteins were avg); rice cooked OK but needs a lot more sauce

#7 Steamed pork rib w garlic & pumpkin - 2

J's comment > avg, not much flavor nor meat

#38 Steamed shrimps & chives rice roll - 2

J's comment > roll OK, slightly 'rough' but cooked well; shrimp needs more flavor

#43 Dried minced pork & chinese donut rice roll - 2

J's comment > avg; same rice roll as the one above; donut itself not too hard, soft nor impressive in any way

#81 Preserved duck egg & salty pork congee - 2

J's comment > congee OK, had actual grains of rice left (in that not everything turned into mush); pork and duck egg flavors present but not too pronounced though; better than Kam's

#70 Oyster sauce & kai lan - 2

J's comment > veggies straight from the veggie aisle in the supermarket, into the pot and onto a plate; decent quality, not too tough

#21 Braised beef tendon & stomach - 2

J's comment > only got the tendon piece to try, but it was tender and not chewy; sauce was passable

#62 Deep fried lobster meat ball - 2

J's comment > dense; tasted like shrimp, not lobster; BTW, the plate arrived as shown, did another table work on it before it got passed to us?


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Extra Comment
Rainflower charges for tea per person, about $1.25 I think, but we managed to get this waived + 10% off :D

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