Tuesday, August 26, 2014


August 26, 2014

Roasted Wings: Chipotle rubbed, spiced mango dip, celery (1/2 portion) - 2

J's comment > wings were not crisp (as expected); chipotle rub was spicy! Dip itself was OK, not spicy at all ironically; tender and juicy wings, but not quite fond of the flavor, and not because it was spicy

Duck Confit Taco: Duck confit, shaved cabbage, roast pepper relish, baja sauce - 2

Pulled Pork Taco: Pulled pork, shaved cabbage, chipotle chimichurri - 2

J's comment > duck confit not spicy, sauce OK, not dry, duck flavor present but could definitely be stronger; pulled pork on the other was almost the exact opposite, a tad dry, spicy, and same flavor as the chicken wings above; FYI, this was a half and half portion


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