Tuesday, August 05, 2014


August 5, 2014

Brown sugar & walnut muffin - 2+

J's comment > moist, not too sweet; loved the nuttiness from the walnut, slight crunch from the brown sugar too which usually would be a no-no in my books, but it totally worked in this muffin! kudos to the attention to detail and adding a layer of the brown sugar & walnut halfway through the muffin; truly divine; if a cupcake had to go without frosting, this would be the closest substitution I'd accept

Grilled Cheese sandwich: Brie, cranberry & prosciutto - 2

J's comment > sadly one of the weakest sandwiches @ Rocket; bread toasted a bit too much, kinda hard; brie not too flavorful; didn't get much of the cranberry or prosciutto flavors at all, though they were visually present


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