Friday, August 22, 2014


August 22, 2014

Chicken Chashu Bowl served w brown rice & salad - 2

J's comment > not bad; tender and flavorful chicken; teriyaki sauce not too strong, just the right amt of flavoring to enhance the flavor of the chicken rather than overwhelming it; egg looks like the ramen style egg but was actually more cooked, served cold; veggies fresh; rice good, not overcooked but still not quite 'there'

Hawaii Ahi poke bowl w wasabi served w brown rice & salad - 2

J's comment > not bad; fresh tuna, slight tendons in fish but forgiveable, very generous portion, more than the chicken it appeared; wasabi was hidden underneath the tuna, make sure to mix well unless you like eating wasabi whole; ripe avocado, would have liked more, but amt provided was good; veggies fresh; rice good, not overcooked but still not quite 'there'

Enoki mushroom miso soup - 2

J's comment > not bad; decent miso soup

Matcha parfait - 2

J's comment > ice cream was of the soft serve kind, decent, but wouldn't have minded just having the matcha ice cream on its own instead of in the parfait; fruits were frozen, absolutely rock hard; liked the bit of crunch at the bottom in the form of Lucky Charms; wafer and pocky on top seemed to be there just for decor, didn't really add to the parfait; chunk of bread pudding in the middle completely passable; the sprinkling of pop rocks candy on top was a nice touch, but again wasn't particularly necessary; Mimibuloveme's better

Bread Pudding - 1

J's comment > reheated via microwave; tough, chewy and slightly soggy at the bottom but hard on top

Strawberry orange ice tea - 2

J's comment > not bad; delicate flavors, strawberry and orange flavors shown through in equal portions

Berry lavender hot tea - 2

J's comment > not bad; another delicately balanced tea but stronger; about 70% berry and 30% lavender

Ginger peach tea - 2

J's comment > another delicate tea; ginger surprisingly not strong at all but nonetheless still present; peach flavor actually a tad stronger, almost too sweet


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Extra Comment
FYI, as Shishinori is still new, their hours aren't quite fixed yet. One of the menus above say they're open til 6pm Mon to Fri, but today I called before going to confirm and they said they close @ 8pm. Moral of the story, call before heading over.

Overall, this place (both atmosphere and menu) strongly resembles Basho without the pastries. Entree to entree, Shishinori is better than Basho.

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