Thursday, August 07, 2014

Snacks @ Konbiniya

August 7, 2014

Bourbon: Otonano Every Burger, black cocoa - 2+

J's comment > OMG, like Oreo, but better! Much much better! frosting and cookie just the perfect balance, not too much of either; cookie much crisper and lighter than the Oreo version

Meiji, Fran: Butter milk chocolate - 2

J's comment > not very chocolaty in flavor and could use more frosting; not the worst pocky stick, certainly still better than Glico's original, but definitely way below the Fran Strawberry

Glico, Pocky: Mint chocolate - 2

J's comment > think of the Original Pocky sticks w mint flavor; I still prefer the Fran sticks as they have more chocolate coating; Glico's Pocky has always had more stick than chocolate

Bourbon: White rollita - 2

J's comment > essentially just a soft cake-like texture w a mild white chocolate flavor

Bourbon: Lu Monde mille feuille cookie - 2

J's comment > light chocolate flavor; very crisp thin wafer-like layers

Bourbon: White chocolate baum roll - 2

J's comment > soft cake-like cookies, rolled up; didn't get the white chocolate flavor at all, was more like plain vanilla

Tohato: All Azuki biscuits - 2

J's comment > very soft cookies that stick to your teeth; decent red bean flavor

Tohato: Matcha chocolate cookies - 2

J's comment > cookies on the thin side; crisp but matcha flavor absent despite appearances; not much chocolate flavor either

Nissin: Kuromitsu biscuits - 2

J's comment > strong kuromitsu flavor and cookies were crisp, but very floury

Tohato: Kaizoku restaurant pizza corn snack - 2

J's comment > really strange tasting 'pizza' flavored corn chips; inside the bag, the octopuses were tomato flavored whilst the squid were cheese flavored; I could semi-taste/get the octopuses' tomato but there was nothing cheesy about the squid; despite appearances and the ingredient list at the back, nothing seafood-y about these corn chips either; corn chips were crunchy, just like cheetos' texture but stick w cheetos

Befco: Cheese rice crackers - 2

J's comment > like a really lite version of cheetos w denser rice crackers and not as much cheese; stick w Cheetos, or better yet, Riska's Umai Bou

Shirakaku: Egg custard - 2

J's comment > savory, reminiscent of chawan-mushi but served cold; most definitely not a creme caramel custard pudding like I thought when I picked up same; very soft and tender custard, definitely needs the sauce packet that comes with it though for optimal flavor

Azuki mochi - 2

J's comment > meh, mochi hard; decent amt of red bean on the inside, but I've had better, waaaay better

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