Thursday, August 21, 2014

Strawberry Cones on Robson

August 21, 2014

Half & half 14"

Teriyaki Mochi Chicken pan style pizza: Teriyaki chicken, japanese mochi, mushrooms, onion - 2

Hokkaido Potato Tuna pan style pizza: Potato salad, tuna, cream sauce - 2

J's comment > chicken was OK; strong teriyaki flavors; could use way more cheese mochi was decent on its own but hard to identify when nibbling through the pizza 'crust';

the 'crust' was more like bread than an actual pizza crust, definitely unique, not necessarily in a bad way, just well, different; as stated, this was a thicker bread pizza than @ the avg $1.25 pizza joints around downtown

tuna was nowhere to be found on the other half; this was more of a cream of potato pizza (definitely no cheese either); with this unique 'crust', this pizza actually tasted like the dinner roll that you dip in your cream of potato soup

Frozen yogurt samples: Matcha, Tiramisu, Original, Strawberry - 2

J's comment > matcha was not bad; matcha flavor present but not too strong; tiramisu was slightly more coffee than 'tiramisu' but passable; original was creamy w a hint of tartness; strawberry tasted like cough syrup

frozen yogurt texture just right, melty but not too liquid-y; not too tart over all;


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Extra Comment
Rant warning:
I walked in at 5:15pm and the place was completely empty except for one server at the counter who also turned out to the pizza maker. I asked for the half and half and she was reluctant at first but eventually complied and advised that it would be about 20 - 25 mins. Feeling that was reasonable for a freshly made pizza I agreed and took a seat. Here's the following schedule:

5:35pm - no pizza
5:45pm - no pizza
5:55pm - no pizza

6:05pm - pizza's done as I hear the server scuttling around the kitchen. She starts looking for a box at this point in time. Finds a box but it's the wrong size (?!) You don't even know what size of pizza you just made?! Or which box it goes in?! Starts fumbling around looking for the stacks of cardboard that has not even been pre-folded up yet and starts folding up the box. Are you sure you know what you're doing? FYI, I asked and paid for the 10" half and half but ended up with a 14"...

6:15pm (10 mins after the pizza left the oven) - hands me the box with the pizza, which was warm but could have been a lot hotter

6:30pm (after pizza has been devoured) - acknowledged to myself that this was a 1hr wait for a pizza that was most definitely NOT worth the wait

FYI Strawberry Cones currently only serves pizzas & frozen yogurt at this location (there's one other at the Tinseltown mall food court, but not sure how that fares).

Strawberry Cones originates from Japan (not sure why the name though... but then Japan has the most er... unique monikers). I used to live in Japan for a year and discovered that when it comes to quality and attention to detail, Japan truly has no parallel; even the fast food joints in Japan fare better than the ones that originate from overseas. It is therefore a sad day that I have to report this was the most disappointing representation of a Japanese brand.

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