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Thai House

August 2, 2014

#31 Kaeng Phed Neua: Beef w red curry paste, bamboo shoots & coconut milk - 2

J's comment > curry flavor more balanced and a tad better than the duck below, although both appear to be made from the same red curry paste... ?; needs more beef

#G Kaeng Phed Bhed Yang: Boneless roasted Long Island duck in red curry paste w coconut milk - 2

J's comment > curry a tad salty; not much duck nor duck flavor for that matter; coconut meat fresh, but not much coconut flavor as this was a young coconut

#C Chicken wings, marinated, served w zesty sauce - 2

J's comment > itty-bitty wings that need a lot more meat; tad salty; the 'zesty sauce' was just the thai sweet chili sauce, straight from the bottle from the supermarket

#17 Gai Pad Namman: Boneless chicken w Thai black bean sauce - 2

J's comment > needs more chicken; flavor really avg; I wouldn't quite call this 'Thai' black bean sauce, flavors were definitely chinese

#24 Gai Pad Priew Waan: Boneless chicken with seasonal vegetables in sweet & sour sauce - 2

J's comment > definitely 90% veggie and 10% chicken; sweet and sour sauce not too strong actually; really forgettable

#66 Steamed Thai Jasmine brown rice - 2

J's comment > sadly overcooked, borderline mushy, none of the nuttiness that is the brown rice's signature

#8 Goong Noon Hae: Deep fried prawns wrapped w noodles, served w tangy plum sauce - 1

J's comment > prawn completely overcooked, no prawn flavor at all and dry; noodles hard as a rock; another straight-from-the-bottle sauce serving


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Extra Comment
Thai House was the original in the span of the thai restaurants, ie. Pink Elephant and Urban Thai Bistro. As the original home branch though, it was most disappointing.

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