Saturday, August 02, 2014

Uncle Lu / 安可盧萬巒豬腳

August 2, 2014

#L05 Lamb fried noodle w satay sauce - 2

J's comment > noodles well done, slightly on the soft side, but flavorful; lamb not too gamey but could have used a lot more portion wise

Pork Hock w vermicelli - 2

J's comment > the vermicelli was a nice surprise, very soft, a touch bland, but very slippery and 'creamy'; pork hock was dry and fatty (how the kitchen accomplished this is admirable)

#B01 Deep fried chicken nuggets - 2

J's comment > slightly crisp on the exterior; tender meat; flavor OK

#J03 Shredded pork & egg fried rice - 2

J's comment > slightly bland; fry factor was OK, rice slightly al dente (the way I like it); again, can use a lot more meat

#I24 Sliced pork and cabbage w tofu in garlic sauce rice meal - 2

J's comment > flavors OK, needs more meat

Malt milk tea w pearls, 1/4 sweet - 2

J's comment > not too sweet as requested; the 'malt' factor though, was just the malt powder sprinkled on top of an original milk tea - on mixing the powder in, the powder just clumped up; pearls OK

Japanese Milk Tea, 1/4 sweet - 2

J's comment > avg, trace green tea flavor, I'd say about 70% original milk tea flavor, 30% matcha; a touch bland overall actually; also not too sweet as requested


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