Monday, August 18, 2014

Van Dusen 1st Annual Garden Party - Sat, Aug 23, 2014

August 18, 2014

Brief note from J
I got invited to the Van Dusen 1st Annual Garden Party coming up this Saturday and thought y'all might want to know more about this luxe event. It looks very classy and posh, with notable sponsors such as Champagne Perrier-Jouet, Stella Artois and Mile's End Motors, topped off with a high tea menu (more below) supplied by Cocktails & Canapes. Mmm... I can already taste that scone with the cream on top followed with some tea... note to self, don't forget the pinky lift when drinking tea like the lady below:

Or I'll probably just skip the tea and go straight for the Champagne:

From the event promotors:
"The Experience: Pink roses line neatly trimmed hedges like tropical birds. Perfect lawns stretch out as far as the eye can see. Miles, the butler steadies his pace as he strides across the grass to your table, tea.. (champagne) in hand. A garden Gnome chuckles, sneaking a sip from a ladies crystal glass, she's busy watching the afternoons tournament. Croquet mallets are lined up and shined. The marble bust of an angel reaches out and taps you on the shoulder, but your shot is true and victory is yours. Ladies & Gentlemen, your garden awaits."

What to expect
Croquet - J's comment > Cool! Never tried this before! The extent of what I know about this game is that you grab a hammer-looking thingamajiggy and hit a ball under some upside down rectangular wire frames. And of course it's a Brit activity (I think).

Live Art. J's comment > some world class artists will be creating "live performance art"... hmmm?

Craft Cocktails from Jacob Sweetapple, Perrier-Jouet champagne and Stella Artiois will also be served.  - J's comment > ooooo.... the bubblies...

High Tea at Noon, catered by Cocktails & Canapes (the same folks who catered the Deighton Cup) - J's comment > Optional item, this only comes with the $75 ticket - if you're just going for the fun, games and cocktails, tix are $55. But just take a look at this menu... I've got my eyes on the sushi square

The Menu

Dress Code "Dapper" - J's comment > I'm thinking sundresses for the ladies and smart casual for gentlemen. Something like this:

Anyhoos, for more info, tix and such, check out the website @

Other social media stuff:
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