Wednesday, August 13, 2014

White Spot on Georgia

August 13, 2014

Pirate Pak w Legendary Burger: 1/4 lb beef burger w sigature Triple 'O' sauce, cheddar cheese, coleslaw, fries, chocolate gold coin - 1

J's comment > patty was on the thin side (1/4 lb eh? really?); soft bun but needs more beef to portion this burger correctly; needs a lot more sauce; coleslaw wasn't 'creamy' at all as described on the menu; fries passable; chocolate gold coin exactly the same stuff from the dollar store; cheese was left out at the first pass, when I pointed it out to the server after having cut through the burger, he was quick to take it back to the kitchen... and it ('it' as in the same burger I sent back, the same cut mark was on it) came back w a cold piece of cheese on it; a surprising factor was that I waited close to 40 mins for this Pirate Pak (yeah yeah, lunch time rush and all but did White Spot not expect this?) and my burger was borderline lukewarm/cold. WTF... I'd rather have a quarter pounder w cheese @ McDonald's

Fresh BC blueberry pie - 1

J's comment > one of the most mediocre pies I've ever had the displeasure of having; tart shell was barely cooked through, firm, but not crisp, bland as well; blueberries were OK; even the whip was forgettable, a tad on the dense side w a trace of the margarine texture which I absolutely hate

Scoop of vanilla ice cream - 1

J's comment > came w the Pirate Pak; quite possibly the worst ice cream I've ever had - it was really soft and fluffy (usually those two words = magic to me but White Spot somehow managed to F this up), soft because the server was so smart to serve the ice cream in a warm bowl so the ice cream was melting faster than you can scoop, 'fluffy' like a nice rich whip, but just wrong somehow for this ice cream, on top of it was absolutely bland

OJ - 2

J's comment > the Pirate Pak comes w a soft drink, but I asked for an OJ substitute which the staff were gracious enough to comply with; OJ itself was like the stuff from the cartons at the supermarket


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Extra Comment
Never had a Pirate Pak before, and was always curious about it. Now I feel sorry for the children who get this as their meal.

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