Monday, August 18, 2014


August 18, 2014

#17 Rib Eye Steak Boat: Rib-eye steak, California rolls, tempura, bacon asparagus kushi - 2

J's comment > rib eye steak and the tempura were not bad; steak was tender, not chewy, w decent flavor; tempura was fried well, crisp, and you can actually taste and see the base ingredient, even the shrimp! (yeah, there have been some 'shrimp tempura' that all I got was the batter, no shrimp, so good job on this); bacon asparagus was avg, OK, but nothing special, wasn't served hot either...; sushi was slightly sub-par, way more rice than any other ingredient in those rolls, but then again you don't go to a yakiniku place for sushi...

Mini seafood bibimbab - 2

J's comment > came w the combo above; this was more like a salad on top of some rice and the 3 (4?) tiny pieces of spicy tuna you see; fish was OK, as were the salad and rice but I'd hardly call this a 'bibimbap'; pass please


Yakinikuya Japanese BBQ on Urbanspoon

Extra Comment
Yakinikuya claims to be a Japanese restaurant, and while that may be, there are definitely Korean influences on the menu. Well, I dunno, the section under 'Korean Favorites' seem to be hinting at it.

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