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September 24, 2014

Self picked nigiri: Hamachi, Salmon, Tamago, Toro (preferred in that order) all 2

J's comment > all the fish were fresh; the hamachi and salmon had no tendons at all, but the toro was downright chewy - it was definitely not cut right; tamago was good too, but was served cold and I don't know about you, but the color just doesn't look as appetizing as Octopus Garden's; too much rice to fish, rice also on the soft side

Tai Ume (seabream, plum & o-ba leaf) - 2

Beef Inari - 2

Tamago Inari - 2

J's comment > tai fresh, the shiso leaf was a nice touch, but rice was just as forgettable as the nigiri version above, and had just as much rice (too much) to tai provided; inari were tad too sweet, beef was slightly better just because of the slight saltiness in the beef that helped balance it out a bit; again, too much rice

Aburi salmon battera (seared salmon pressed sushi) - 2

J's comment > this was ordered to compare to Minami's signature Salmon Oshi Sushi; not even close... fish was OK, but there was way too much sauce (tasty, but everything in moderation! Except butter...); anyways, another sushi w too much rice. WTF... I'm starting to see a trend here...

Unagi tororo don (freshwater eel & shaved mountain potato on steamed rice) - 2

J's comment > firm unagi, flavor OK; tororo a good slippery texture as expected, but nothing added to it to make it pop; need I say there's too much rice?

Yamaimo Tazaku (mountain potato stick) - 2

J's comment > crisp like a pear, but w a slightly sticky slippery texture; FYI, this is what tororo comes from when the Tazaku is grated

Avocado nigiri - 2

Unagi Cheese (eel w cream cheese, oba leaf & cucumber) - 2

J's comment > avocado ripe, flavor OK, appreciated that it was sliced for a better mouth experience, but too much rice;

trace amt of cream cheese in the Unagi Cheese; unagi provided was more of the skin than the actual meat; rice finally almost right, but still a long ways to go to getting the right balance

Grilled matsutake mushrooms - 2

J's comment > grilled mushrooms that were barely cooked through (yes, these were still semi-raw) and not flavorful at all... for $17... I'd rather have a piece of foie nigiri from Octopus Garden

Saba battera (mackerel pressed sushi) - 1

J's comment > mackerel when not done right, or if not fresh enough, is well, just fishy, case in point here...; Octopus Garden nailed this dish, Ajisai most definitely did not; BTW, did I forget to mention there was too much rice?

Ankimo (monk fish liver) - 1

J's comment > reminiscent of a foie pate gone bad; similar flavor (the liver), but oh so different


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