Monday, September 22, 2014

Brasserie Bistro @ Coast Hotel

September 22, 2014

Canadian Burger w mayo, relish, lettuce, tomato, pickle, applewood smoked cheddar, brioche bun - 1

J's comment > patty straight from the freezer, definitely not house made, texture stiff and slightly hard, hardly any beef flavor; bun not exactly brioche, but soft; salad surprisingly more appealing than the burger, loved the cream cheese crumble

Braised Baby Back Ribs w maple bbq sauce, asian slaw, fries (half rack) - 1

J's comment > ribs tender and fell off the bone, but another freezer variety, without the BBQ sauce, would not have any flavor; fries also from the freezer, your avg pre-packaged frozen fries

Poutine w cheese curds, gravy & meatball (extra) - 1

J's comment > same crappy fries as above but w flavorless cheesy curds and packet gravy; meatballs very firm (reminiscent of the burger patty actually)

Sticky date pudding w vanilla ice cream, butterscotch sauce - 1

J's comment > really disgusting to look at and to eat; the 'pudding' was mealy and had the strangest (as in so bad I spat it out 'strange') flavor; definitely the worst sticky pudding I've had the misfortune to put in my mouth

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The actual entrance into the restaurant... through the hotel

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Extra Comment
Had a Groupon for this which is still available as of today, but I strongly recommend you avoid this place at all costs. I've never been to a restaurant where all the food I tried ranked a 1. A first for everything.

The server in my section was very pleasant though, and a surprising note she mentioned is that she has been at this joint for 8 years, and is the 'youngest' one there. Most of the staff have been there for about 20 years!

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