Saturday, September 27, 2014

Cafe Savoureux

September 27, 2014

Kenya AA siphon brewed coffee - 2

J's comment > not acidic as requested (I asked the manager for non-acidic coffee recommendations and this and the House Blend were suggested); a decent coffee on its own actually, but I made the mistake of adding cream to it, which strangely made the coffee more bitter

Japanese style tiramisu - 1

J's comment > dry... mascarpone was stiff and gelatinous in texture, hardly the creamy confection that defines tiramisu; chocolate cake at the bottom spongy but in the dense way, not airy at all; ironically not much coffee in the tiramisu; I liked the whipped cream on the side most of all - ouch!

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Extra Comment
This cafe serves Kopi Luwak coffee @ $60 a pop (comes w 2 desserts, but yeah, whatever). Not enough of a coffee connoisseur to get this coffee. And the process of production still grosses me out.

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