Saturday, September 20, 2014

Chocolate Arts

September 20, 2014

Brief Note from J
Chocolate Arts invited the public to sample their exclusive blend, Allure 71.1% dark chocolate created by Chocolatier Greg Hook at the Or Noir™ laboratory in France, made of a blend of Mexican, Dominican and Peruvian beans. The Allure was used in a variety of ways, of which unlimited samples were provided to everyone.

Allure chocolate ganache - 2+

J's comment > the 'basic' version of the Allure, this was the piece for me - smooth and creamy, almost mousse-like in the centre but definitely much denser than mousse, w a thin crust surrounding same; not too sweet and not as bitter as the 71% threatened; very addictive

Allure chocolate mousse - 2+

J's comment > airy, creamy (this was definitely a mousse) and incredibly light, just a whiff of the Allure flavor found in the above ganache but by no means any less addictive

Allure truffle w blackberry filling - 2+

J's comment > well balanced filling, not too sweet, slightly jammy (well really, what berry isn't in this form?); blackberry highlighted the Allure chocolate

Allure eclair - 2

J's comment > loved the whipped Allure chocolate mousse, but salted caramel base too salty, completely overwhelming the chocoalte; choux slightly stiff and crisp, I would prefer a softer choux

Allure covered desiccated peach - 1

J's comment > really chewy fruit, but couldn't tell it was fruit if I wasn't told; sticks to the teeth like crazy; didn't get the chocolate at all... Bummer :(

Allure hot chocolate - 2

J's comment > not bad; slightly thick hot chocolate, not as rich as the drinking chocolate I prefer (this is 20% chocolate whilst most drink chocolates are 30% chocolate, 10% makes a big difference), not too sweet; texture slightly coarse though, would have liked it just a tad thicker

Chocolatier Greg Hook presenting the Allure

Chocolate fountain. :D Haha... no I think this was a chocolate tempering machine. Although I have a pack of graham crackers that I'd like that spout to be thisclose with...

Where the magic happens

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Extra Comment

The Allure ganache and mousse cake are already available for purchase but call ahead for the blackberry truffle.

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