Sunday, September 07, 2014

Coffee Bun @ Coquitlam

September 7, 2014

Coffee bun sandwich - 2

J's comment > egg, cheese & ham, soft bun, not much coffee flavor though; essentially a slightly glorified McDonald's egg mcmuffin; decent amt of cheese & ham

Chocolate bun - 2

J's comment > bun soft and slightly chewy, topping not crisp at all; trace coffee flavor on the topping; could definitely use a lot more chocolate filling

Cream cheese bun - 2

J's comment > same complaint on the bun as above; more filling in this case, but cream cheese was crumbly and flavor not very strong

Parfait - 1

J's comment > avg vanilla ice cream; liked the korean rice puffs used instead of cornflakes; something tasted not quite right though at the bottom, like fruits slightly gone bad

Peach iced tea - 2

J's comment > iced tea from powder... slightly too sweet; very peachy flavor as advertised


(Pastry sample case, they have a bday bun & coffee bun 'cupcakes' for pre-order)

Interior (very relaxing)

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