Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cork & Fin

September 17, 2014

Lobster & cheese ‘mac’ & white cheddar - 2

J's comment > the 'lobster' was more in the sauce (if at all), didn't see any actual lobster pieces, but lobster flavor not prominent at all either in the sauce; mac was passable

Cavatelli w mushroom, snap peas, cream & short rib - 2

J's comment > loved the sauce and mushrooms, but everything else was a mess; pasta was so al dente that any harder and it would be like eating pieces of rocks; another diner at our table complained about the texture of the pasta and had it sent back and taken off the menu

Pig Buns: Braised pork, spicy mayo - 2

J's comment > pork not too fatty, flavor passable; pan fried buns very slightly crisp; eaten together, way too much bun to pork

Lamb chops w tarragon cream - 1

J's comment > slightly overcooked, tasted slightly 'off' as in the lamb flavor was muted; really unappealing shade of grey too

Y-N chicken wings w sesame chili sauce - 1

J's comment > as S. put it, 'like the frozen stuff from the freezer' that you microwave to heat up; hard, not juicy in the least; absolutely bland chicken other than the sauce which was completely forgettable too

Tuna w apple & jicama - 1

J's comment > abyssmal; absolutely disgusting tuna, fishy in the worst way and can be really salty depending on how many grains of salt your piece got stuck with; I sent this back and got it off our bill; I would have spit it back out if I was dining alone

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