Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Flying Pig in Gastown

September 10, 2014

Seared chili-rubbed skirt steak w matchstick potatoes - 2

J's comment > very flavorful steak albeit the tiny portion, a tad tough but that's the cut; shoestring fries crisp and addictive, kinda like hickory sticks but freshly made and less salty; photo courtesy of S., thanks S.!

Wild Seafood Pappardelle w mussels, clams, fresh fish, prawns, spicy rose (half portion) - 2

J's comment > not bad; pappardelle cooked well, sauce creamy and just a smidgen spicy; decent amt of actually fresh seafood; sadly not as impressive as the one I tried last year; FYI, we informed the server that two of us were sharing this pasta, so the kitchen graciously split it in two for us

T.F.P. Signature pork rack w pulled pork poutine, apple cider jus - 2

J's comment > pork cooked medium-well, lean cut, not as juicy as I'd like; poutine very cheesy, pulled pork and fries avg... I prefer the poutine at Big Red's or Mean Poutine

House Salmon Sampler: All local wild salmon - 2

J's comment > each of the smoked salmon, candied salmon and freshly diced salmon were OK, nothing bad about them, but so sadly average... 'best' of all three was the freshly diced salmon, and only if you mix in a bit of the yogurt

Skillet roasted AAA Alberta beef tenderloin w pomme allumettes, brandy peppercorn sauce - 2

J's comment > tenderloin cooked OK, medium rare as requested; lean cut as expected; jus OK, portion ridiculously tiny, esp compared to the ginormous salad next to it (the pomme was traded for the salad)

Veal Piccata w parmesan risotto, lemon caper butter - 1

J's comment > veal had the strangest taste to it, not gamey, not beefy, just plain weird, and not in a pleasant way; cooked medium-well

Complimentary bread & olive oil - 2

J's comment > avg bread, slightly hard crust w soft center, but no character; butter was provided on request, but was unsalted

Vanilla cake w chocolate ganache - 2

J's comment > same as the Safeway / Save On variety; slightly dense and almost rubbery texture; insanely sweet chocolate frosting, more sugar than actual chocolate flavor; my mistake, of all the desserts, this sounded the most 'boring', but then turning something so plain into something wonderful is the true mark of a dessert chef no? Unfortunately this was as boring as it sounds and looks

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