Monday, September 29, 2014

Ginger Garlic

September 29, 2014

Mango curry w lamb: Herbs and spices cooked in a tangy fresh mango curry sauce w red wine - 2

J's comment > decent amt of lamb; mango flavor faint but present in the curry; we asked for medium spicy and it was definitely spicy

Butter Chicken: Chicken tikka cooked in a creamy tomato sauce - 2

J's comment > slightly sweet curry; chicken slightly dry; we asked for medium spicy and it was definitely spicy

Basmati rice - 2

J's comment > avg rice, no flavor; FYI every entree comes w rice

Indian Bread Assortment: An assortment of roti, garlic naan & plain paratha - 2

J's comment > frankly these all looked the same and all the textures were very similar too, slightly crisp and almost chewy; the naan was a smidgen lighter than the others (not even in the same league as My Shanti's of course), and the roti was dense as learnt from My Shanti (we just wanted to confirm), paratha was not at all what I expected (as from Sula which is much better); usually I'm torn between eating my curry w naan or rice, today it was no contest that rice (avg as it was, was the better choice)

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Extra Comment
We asked our server if we could order half portions of the curry since, well I don't know, the fricking sandwich board at the door offers a special for a half portion butter chicken curry w 1 pc samosa, rice and naan for $11?!! Of course the server declined and actually had the gall to say he would charge us the same amount for half a portion of curry as the full amount. I was so pissed I neglected to order the sandwich board special instead of the whole portion of butter chicken curry.

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