Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hai Phong in Crosstown

September 13, 2014

#35 Grilled lemongrass chicken w french bread - 2

J's comment > not bad; bread was soft and lightly crisped; well marinated chicken, slightly sweet, tender and juicy; veggies were a pretty addition but not strictly necessary

#17 Grilled shredded pork, spring roll and pork skewer w vermicelli - 2

J's comment > not bad; pork skewer tender and flavorful; spring rolls crisp w decent amt of filling; shredded pork was more like crumbly bits of same; rice noodles OK, was best when dipped in the complimentary pork bone soup (below)

#13 Garlic butter chicken wings - 2

J's comment > decent wings, juicy, strong garlic flavor; tad spicy; Broken Rice's (when done right), was better

#50 Vietnamese chicken curry w rice - 2

J's comment > very thin curry, more like a slightly spicy soup; generous amt of chicken that was flavorful and tender; rice not as hard as last visit's; curry almost the same as last visit's, but curry flavor not as bold

Complimentary pork bone soup - 2

J's comment > mild and slightly sweet; very tender pork

Steamed egg pie - 2

J's comment > more like a steamed ground pork pie w a thin layer of egg on top; slightly firm, but that helped retain the texture; pork was juicy; didn't get the egg flavor at all

#29 Special Dry Noodle w shrimp, pork, shrimp balls, and quail egg in house special sauce w both rice noodle and flat curly egg noodle - 2

J's comment > 'house special sauce' was more like ordinary soy sauce, but not as salty; both noodles cooked OK; pork slice decent, but this was definitely the least fav dish on the table

#101 Cafe Sua Da Milkshake - 2

J's comment > not bad; strong vietnamese coffee flavor, well balanced w the milk / condensed milk mixture; a tad sweeter than I prefer though, and a tad too much ice

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This is indeed a branch from the main Hai Phong on Kingsway.

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