Friday, September 05, 2014

Japadog on Robson

September 5, 2014

Age Ice w fried bun, kurogoma (black sesame ice cream) - 2

J's comment > not bad; essentially a fluffy deep fried donut w ice cream in the middle; the black sesame flavor was present when eating the ice cream on its own, but once I 'squished' it between the bun, all I got was the bun, which whilst very good, could have done better if I could taste the ice cream as well; FYI, you can only choose ONE flavor, staff will not give you three different scoops in one bun


FYI, these items are only available at the carts on Smithe & Burrard, Waterfront and Richmond - really tiny font at the top... I actually came to this location for these dogs as I had passed by once and saw the sign (you'd think the Japadog HQ will have all the varieties); anyhoos, went to the Waterfront cart and was told they didn't have it there either... will have to try the other downtown cart next week

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