Wednesday, September 03, 2014


September 3, 2014

Ribeye steak w fries & herb butter - 2

J's comment > steak cooked OK, asked form medium rare and got exactly that, beyond that though, just your avg steak, if a tad salty; fries definitely salty, slightly crisp, but mostly soft fries; ironically the butter was unsalted

Lobster & prawn bisque w croutons, rouille and gruyere cheese - 2

J's comment > so salty!!! acceptable amt of actual lobster and prawn bits at the bottom, flesh was firm and crisp, but any flavor was overshadowed by the super salty bisque; appreciated the fact that the croutons and cheese were on the side, but would have preferred a lobster bisque that truly shone on its own crustacean legs 

Soup of the day: Tomato gazpacho - 2

J's comment > refreshing as advertised, served cold; not too tart, lots of tomato flavor, albeit a tad mild; after the lobster bisque above, was so grateful that this wasn't salty

Yarrow Meadows duck leg confit w fingerling potatoes, frisee salad, bacon & roasted pine nuts - 2

J's comment > duck tender but oh-so-dry and salty! WTF... first the steak, the bisque and now the duck too?! sad to report, the potatoes, slightly soft but very well cooked and flavorful, were the fav items on this dish; greens were filler as usual

Moules Frites steamed in white wine, garlic & parsley - 2

J's comment > mussels slightly overcooked and on the small side

Homemade country style pate w grape chutney - 2

J's comment > pate was chunky and not at all what I had envisioned (I'm thinking the moussy & rich pate, my fault though, should have asked before ordering); despite the wrong image I conjured though, the pate was slightly bland and didn't have much flavor to it

Complimentary bread and butter - 2

J's comment > bread OK, served lukewarm, soft on the inside but crust was chewy; butter was unsalted

Melting chocolate cake w caramel sauce & vanilla ice cream - 2

J's comment > rich but soft chocolate cake, all the components of a good dessert was there but something just didn't 'work' to seal the deal; visually reminiscent of Fat Badger's toffee pudding but a tale of two desserts

Vanilla creme brulee - 2

J's comment > decent custard, not too thick nor runny, but still avg

Roasted Pineapple w gingerbread ice cream & star anise syrup - 2

J's comment > canned pineapples - I expected as much but was OK with this if Jules could turn it into something good, what a disappointment; pineapples were too hot (ironically didn't even taste roasted) melting the ice cream within a minute of digging into this dessert, in essence turning it into canned pineapples in watery/soupy sweet liquid


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