Saturday, September 27, 2014

Octopus Garden

September 27, 2014

Waru, anago and tamago nigiri - 2

Blue Fin Akami and chu-toro - 2

J's comment > what a shame! Not sure what happened in Sada-san's kitchen tonight (it was a packed full house but it's usually still pretty full), but the quality just wasn't there tonight; waru, anago and the tamago were still much better than other nigiri serving joints, but nowhere near the quality expected; 

Spicy Tuna Z: Spicy tuna, tempura bits, mayo & avocado on top - 2

Avocado Roll - 2

J's comment > as above, the spicy tuna Z just didn't impress, decent, but not spectacular, avocado roll even less so

Prawn tempura - 2

J's comment > crisp tempura batter, fresh shrimp, better than average but wasn't quite 'there'

Wagyu nigiri - 2

J's comment > probably the greatest disappointment all night - presentation was sorely lacking and the meat, whilst marbly and tender, could have used a more even sear; flavor of the wagyu was also much milder than what I've been used to @ Octopus Garden... WTF... what the heck happened tonight?!

Dobin mushi - 2

J's comment > very mild and light flavored mushroom / fish soup

Saba battera - 2

J's comment > slighlty 'fishy', exactly the way I dislike saba battera :( It used to be good once!

Churros - 2

J's comment > very light and fluffy churros but would have liked more in both quantity and size; lovely melted chocolate dipping sauce but upon dipping the churros, you can't taste the churro, just the chocolate


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