Saturday, September 06, 2014

Pinkberry @ Park Royal

September 6, 2014

Sample selection (from fav to not-so-fav): Mango, original, coconut, mint chocolate cookie, chocolate, cookies & cream)

J's comment > texture of all the fro-yos sampled creamy and thick, all were not too sweet;

favs of the bunch were mango, original and coconut - mango flavor was mild but definitely present; original was neither too tart nor sweet, a good balance; coconut tasted like a lighter version of the original, not coconut-y at all, but not bad nevertheless;

not-so-favs were the mint, chocolate and cookies and cream - mint was slightly minty chocolate, but was more like a weak chocolate flavored fro-yo; chocolate was really strong in chocolate flavor, not unpalatable, but not exactly desirable either; cookies and cream was more cookies and no cream


The fixin's! (not quite DIY like other fro-yo joints)

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