Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Red Umbrella Cafe

September 24, 2014

Buttermilk pancake - 2+

J's comment > alright, these ain't no Kingston's but very good in their own right; soft and moist, not crisp at all (slight marks deduction here) but oh.. soo... buttery....; the top of the pancake was probably slathered with salted butter that was then allowed to seep down; one letter - mmm....

Cuban Sandwich: Roasted pork, ham slice, pickle, swiss cheese, mayo & mustard - 2

J's comment > right off the bat, the bread threw me off - I was expecting a sub-like sandwich that I don't know, is what makes a Cuban sandwich 'Cuban'? At least that's what the pics show when I Google 'Cuban Sandwich' under Google Images - not a single return of anything looking like the sandwich I got here; but I digress...

fillings were OK, moist pork but it was definitely shredded, I thought it was supposed to be roasted pork / 'pork brisket'(?); decent amt of all the other ingredients listed that you can actually taste; not sure if it goes better with or without the pickle and mustard, I tried it both ways and both could work though neither was better; would have liked a tad more cheese

What a bummer, after watching Chef last week, I was really looking forward to a Cubanos (Cuban sandwich). Anyone know of a decent Cubanos in YVR?

Side of Pulled Pork - 2

J's comment > very moist pork, slightly tangy per the BBQ sauce; I'm not a fan of pulled pork in general, but this one was OK; I suspect this would actually make a better sandwich than the Cubanos above (the pulled pork sandwich is available on the menu for the same price)

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Brownie (sample) - 2

Scone (sample) - 2

J's comment > 

Greetings at the door

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