Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sun Sui Wah on Main / 新瑞華海鮮酒家

September 21, 2014

#4 Egg tofu w shrimp paste - 2

J's comment > shrimp crumbly and just as forgettable as the filling in the har gao (see below); kitchen probably used the same type of shrimp for both these dishes; tofu soft yet retained shape and didn't crumble, much better than the shrimp on top

#48 Mini egg tarts - 2

J's comment > color of the custard was actually much paler than the picture shows; served @ room temp; flavor really mild, you have to really focus to get the egg; texture of custard OK, tart pastry firm yet slightly flaky

#7 Chicken feet w black bean sauce - 2

J's comment > flavor OK, needs more sauce though; cartilage texture soft but could be softer still

Roasted squab - 2

J's comment > skin not crisp at all; flavor slightly subdued; as Sun Sui Wah's 'signature dish', this was a grave disappointment

#2 Pork & Shrimp siu mai - 2

J's comment > avg siu mai; filling firm, flavor passable, at the very least not as disastrous as the prawn dumpling below

#1 Steamed prawn dumpling (har gao) - 1

J's comment > wrapper soggy and fell apart upon picking up the dumpling; prawn was in crumbly bits, mild prawn flavor

#50 Banana pancake - 1

J's comment > bananas OK, your avg banana; pancake abysmal though, not bouncy at all, absolutely no elasticity, for lack of a better word, it simply disintegrated; cream was not creamy despite looking like whipped cream (serious skills...); FYI, the menu offers mango, but the server advised that the kitchen didn't have any fresh mangoes so bananas stepped up

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