Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Sweet Bake Shop

September 2, 2014

Double chocolate cupcake topped w whipped chocolate frosting - 2

J's comment > very moist cake; chocolate flavor present; frosting very light yet rich, smidgen greasy but passable

Red velvet cupcake topped w vanilla cream cheese frosting - 2

J's comment > texture of cake was really 'gummy', not dry, but definitely not moist either; frosting OK, texture slightly stiffer than the fluffy chocolate whip above

Vanilla bean shortbread cookie - 2

J's comment > firm and slightly dense cookie, needs more butter; vanilla flavor could also be stronger

Pastry case of cupcakes

Pastry case of non-cupcake items

Beverage Menu

Shelvery of knick-knacks

"Eat Cake for Breakfast"

J's comment > love the sign and I totally do this when there is a fresh piece of cake nearby, but the store opens @ 10am... doesn't breakfast range from 7am - 9am?

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