Saturday, September 27, 2014

Taste of Zen

September 27, 2014

Brief Note from J
Being the veggie-hater that I am, I don't know what possessed me (oh the irony) to actually suggest having a vegetarian meal @ the Chinese temple on Steveston. I vaguely recall having the 'best' veggie meal when I was a kid (a loooong... time ago). Obviously things changed over the years...

#14 Assorted Gluten (mein gun), 5 varieties - 2

J's comment > gluten textures differed on top of the variety of flavors - 'original' was the softest, sweet & sour was slightly firm, curry - really trace curry was also slightly firm, brown sauce gluten was the hardest, supposed to resemble another type of meat perhaps?, and the 
flat gluten pieces resembling charsiu, but are distinctively non-meat in flavor, more like a slightly dense tofu

#F Water chestnut cake (ma tai gou) - 2

J's comment > liked the crispness of the chestnuts; 'cake' is actually a jelly, firmer than expected, slices too thick and really greasy

#6 Lohan vegetable chow mein: Assorted mushroom, gluten & fried noodle - 2

J's commnet > noodles tasty but needs more in quantity; assorted 'veggies' passable, not much flavor sadly; woodears kinda hard

#C Mushroom taro pastry - 2

J's comment > taro soft, exterior lightly crisp, but not much flavor other than the taro (didn't see nor taste the mushroom either)

#E Red bean pastry - 2

J's comment > pastry slightly flaky and soft but too much pastry to red bean ratio; actually didn't get any red bean flavor

#B Radish cake - 2

J's comment > bland and could have used a lot more radish

#3 Fried seaweed beancurd roll - 1

J's comment > there was this weird taste to this dish (the beancurd I suspect) that I just couldn't agree on - I could barely finish my one bite


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Extra Comment
Not sure if you guys noticed the irony, asides from the decorative leaves and the 5 pieces of snap peas, this vegetarian meal of 7 dishes had no actual veggies. Haha... even the vegetarians don't want to eat veggies.

Although the 'restaurant' does not have a price on its 'menu', the general feedback on Urbanspoon seems to be $5 per dim sum dish and $15 per entree. Our bill came out to be $65, so these prices are still intact. Our 'server' (FYI, these are all volunteers) hinted that any 'small bill' (hint for tip) will do.

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