Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tuc Craft Kitchen

September 24, 2014

12 oz. certified Angus dry aged rib eye: 30 day dry aged double R Ranch rib eye steak, mushroom crusted, smashed potato fries, red wine glaze - 2+

J's comment > despite appearances, the rib eye was actually cooked medium rare to order; very tender and intensely flavorful; didn't get the 'mushroom crust', but the smashed potato fries were addictive, lightly crisped on the outside

Crispy bacon & egg - 2+

J's comment > very crispy batter as advertised; bacon flavor decent but could be even stronger; egg cooked perfectly

Mussels & Clams: Salt Spring mussels, white wine, pork crackling, stecca croutons - 2

J's comment > not bad; mussels and clams fresh; sauce slightly creamier than expected but OK; 'croutons' were just hardened pieces of bread; pork crackling same as the ones in the separate appy on the menu (see below)

Pork belly crackling, Gelderman farms, star anise red wine reduction, coarse salt - 2

J's comment > not bad; flavor of crackling good, slightly better w the dip; didn't get much of the anise (good for me); pork belly was more fat than marbly though; slight crisp, but not as crunchy as the word 'crackling' suggests

Cabernet braised beef cheeks: Double R Ranch beef, red wine glace, gratin potatoes, shallots & wilted spinach - 2

J's comment > tender lean beef; flavor OK; loved the cheesy mash underneath the spinach

Orange glazed lamb ribs: Australian lamb, jalapeno pepper, candied orange glaze - 2

J's comment > slightly sweeter than preferred; lamb not too gamey, same texture as the braised beef cheeks above; has a hint of spice as promised w the jalapeno

Parsnip fries - 2

J's comment > not crispy at all, slightly chewy and clumpy

Herb roasted arctic w char summer squash salad, coconut raita nugget potatoes, scallion jelly - 2

J's comment > overcooked, fish almost dry but flavor and complements passable

Pork 2 Ways: Slow braised Gelderman farm pork belly & roasted pork loin chop, espresso reduction, smashed fingerlings, eggplant relish - 2

J's comment > overcooked pork; flavor just didn't work for me; the espresso reduction was more like soy sauce; would have liked the menu to be clearer that the 'slow braised pork belly' was in fact the same crackling in the appy section

Caramel popcorn ice cream: Popcorn infused house-made ice cream, caramel sauce, popcorn - 2

J's comment > ice cream definitely tasted like popcorn; caramel sauce could be stronger in flavor and thicker in consistency - it was slightly watery

Chocolate Napoleon: Ice cream, chocolate biscotti, brownie, espresso mousse, seasonal fruit - 2

J's comment > biscotti had a kick to it and was quite hard; brownie slightly firm; inconvenient to get at all the listed ingredients in one bite as the mini bucket slopes downwards and is quite deep

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Extra Comment
In writing this post, I compared it to the previous post last year and was pleased to see that my rankings were practically identical. Hats off to TUC on its consistency.

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