Saturday, October 04, 2014

Beta5 Chocolates - 3rd birthday

October 4, 2014

Dark Chocolate Caramel cream puff - 2+

J's comment > wow, lots of chocolate in this cream puff (caramel not so much), I think this puff was more chocolat-y than chocolate! Rich and creamy, and yes, definitely heavy, but soooo sinfully gooood.... choux puff was, needless to say, perfectly crisp as always

Birthday candles: Tahitian vanilla & white chocolate ganache - 2+

J's comment > very fun to eat and strangely almost waxy like you'd expect a candle, but most intriguing! Strong note of vodka in the ganache that hits you like a 'pow'

Pear & Ginger cream puff - 2

J's comment > strong ginger flavor, didn't get the pear; very creamy; lovely crisp choux

Devil's Food Cake polygon bar: Dark chocolate shell w devil's food cake crumbs and a dark chocolate & coconut filling - 2

J's comment > emphasis on the dark chocolate aspect; adequate coconut flavor; didn't get the 'cake crumbs' at all though; FYI, if you find a gold leaf in your bar, you win a 3 mth membership to the chocolate union! :D Bummer I didn't win though :(

Sample: Salty 55% milk chocolate w sea salt - 2

J's comment > definitely salty; would have liked a more even balance on chocolate and salt

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