Sunday, October 26, 2014


October 26, 2014

Curry de Cabillaud: Roasted sable fish, parsnip & miso curry, kale, sorrel, fresh pomegranate, pine nuts - 2

J's comment > perfectly cooked sablefish, each segment of the fish slipped off at the lightest touch; curry good, not spicy at all; the veggie components completely threw the dish off though, the tartness of the pomegranate and celery (not listed on the menu btw...) just didn't work for me; disclaimer - I dislike celery in general


Coquilles St. Jacques a la ‘Bob’: Pan seared scallops, mint pea puree, tandoori papadum, curried grapes - 2

J's comment > perfectly cooked scallops;puree and accompaniments good on their own separately, but somehow didn't quite meld w the scallops 

Foie de canard “villa lorraine”: Spiced foie gras terrine, port reduction, kriek granita, truffled brioche french toast - 2

J's comment > very subtly flavored foie, could barely taste the foie flavor; texture OK, not the most spreadable on first touch, but if you allow it to sit for a bit it's spread worthy; loved the brioche, light as air and fluffy like a cloud; sadly, the flavor of the brioche itself was stronger than the foie

Porc et Camembert: Caramelized pork belly, quince, camembert - 2

J's comment > pork cooked well, worked OK w the camembert but jus a tad too strong, overwhelming the pork and cheese flavor; also a tad salty; quince made a nice guest appearance

Pain du jour: Fresh baked bread, whipped butter - 2

J's comment > sourdough firm on the outside and slightly doughy in the center; decent, but not for $8

Eclat de Chocolat: Marscapone mousse, chocolate sponge, Tia Maria, aerated chocolate, cocoa tuile, espresso ice cream - 2

J's comment > Chambar's version of the tiramisu, kinda like a deconstructed tiramisu; mousse and cake slightly firmer than I like; aerated chocolate had a slightly waxy texture to it that is a huge turn off for me; crisp factor on the cocoa tuile/cookie was OK, but the hard candy just didn't make sense

Pomme Tatin: Elstar apples, puff pastry, walnut frangipane, honeycomb, sheeps milk brown sugar ice cream - 2

J's comment > puff pastry slightly denser than I like; honeycomb a good addition but this dessert needs a lot more than just the one or two bits provided; apples slightly tart; brown sugar ice cream the fav factor of this dessert

Chambar Lager: Crisp, refreshing belgian style lager, light hops on the finish - 2

J's comment > not too hoppy as advertised

Trappiste Rochefort 8: Bittersweet gives way to espresso. Smooth, rich finish - 2

J's comment > an avg dark beer, not too bitter actually

Kasteel Donker: Dark artisanal beer, soft & mild with a creamy finish - 1

J's comment > really sweet! Not just 'a little sweet' as mentioned on the menu, this was like straight up sugar beer; I like my sugar, but this was just the wrong combo; eew...

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