Friday, October 03, 2014

Cineplex Odeon Vip Lounge

October 3, 2014

Sampler Platter: Mac & cheese wedges, boneless chicken wings, crispy dills, tortilla chips - 2

J's comment > mac and cheese wedges were surprisingly good, one of the better non-traditional forms of mac and cheese that I've ever had - slightly crisp on the outside and soft on the inside; like all mac and cheese that I've ever come across though, needs more cheese; boneless chicken wings were kinda like chicken breast tenders, tad too much batter to differentiate the two; dills were slightly crunchy on the outside, but were really moist on the inside; tortilla chips were your avg straight-out-of-the-bag chips

Sweet potato fries poutine - 2

J's comment > sweet potato fries were OK, could be more flavorful and a tad crisper; in poutine form though, it just didn't work; decent amt of curds in poutine, gravy avg

Chicken caesar salad: Romaine lettuce, herb croutons, chicken breast, fresh parmesan - 2

J's comment > passable caesar, probably due to the generous amt of dressing; croutons thankfully not stale, but definitely of the Sysco variety; chicken tender but slightly bland

Angus Burger - 2

J's comment > patty could be jucier, too much bun to patty ratio for sure, bun itself was avg; FYI, the fries the burger comes with usually were subbed for the sweet potato fries you see in the back

Brownie Explosion: Chocolate brownie w a white chocolate mousse and topped w caramel drizzle and miced nuts, served w vanilla bean ice cream - 2

J's comment > really sweet confection - brownie texture could be a lot firmer; ice cream was just sweet, hardly any vanilla flavor; didn't get the caramel at all (I think they subbed the chocolate for same from the looks of things)

VIP lounge menu

VIP cinema menu (slightly limited from the lounge menu)

The VIP Lounge (you don't need VIP tix to use same)

Cineplex Odeon Vip Lounge on Urbanspoon

Extra Comment
The VIP seats were the same as the UltraAVX ones, except there's this bit of swing out ledge for your food (kinda reminded me of the TV dinner trays). The other differences are you can order from the menu and have your food served to you at your seat and you can order booze and drink it whilst watching the movie. This experience was most reminiscent of the Living Room Theatres in Portland except of course Cineplex is sleeker.

FYI, if you really must have an item from the VIP lounge menu that isn't offered in the cinema menu, you can get it to go and carry it into the cinema (hence some of the items above in take out boxes - we ate these whilst watching Maze Runner). Although the lights do go out and you have to really squint to see what you're about to pop in your mouth.

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