Thursday, October 16, 2014

Frites (FWB)

October 16, 2014

Brief note from J
Thank you to the Vancouver Frites team who invited me over to check out their new location and being so accommodating on my 'half this', 'just a bite of that' requests. Frites is currently the newest poutine/fries kid on the block. The entire Frites chain is really brand new, just launched 6 mths ago in Ontario, and just 2 mths ago on Granville. But anyhoos, without much further ado, food review below:

Double-Layer Poutine w beef chili & bacon mushroom (large) - 2

J's comment > fries were really thick and well cooked, though neither soft & mushy nor crisp like I like my fries - these fries are hefty chunky pieces; the staff advised that the potatoes are from BC Kennebec fries, ordered in by the box and cut in-house;

the 'double-layer' is as follows:

- bottom layer: fries
- topped w cheese curds & gravy
- another layer of fries
- another layer of cheese curds & gravy

cheese curds and gravy were OK, very generous portions of eveything actually

Beef chili wasn't spicy, had a decent amt of beef but tasted a bit processed; mushrooms were a smidgen better, but bacon bits also processed; both were OK as toppings though for the poutine

FYI, the half and half usually isn't done, but if it's not busy and you're nice about asking for it, the staff might be able to accommodate

My fav poutine so far remains Big Red's but as it's a food truck, it's hard to nail them down

Sauce samples (in descending order of preference - as is with every post)
Smoked spice chipotle - 2

J's comment > slightly smoky w a slight kick; creaminess factor not as strong as the other ones tried below; I think the heavy on heavy of the chunky fries and the creamy sauces was just too much

Dill lemon - 2

J's comment > creamy, dill flavor stronger than the lemon

Madras Curry - 2

J's comment > definitely had notes of Indian curry, but flavor not as bold as you'd expect of a curry, more creamy than anything

Roasted Garlic - 2

J's comment > very creamy, garlic flavor not too strong

Belgian waffle sandwiches: Pulled pork shoulder w FWB sauce (stands for Fries w Benefits) & Crispy chicken breast w tomatoes & lettuce w mango chutney sauce - 1

J's comment > waffle was way too bready for me (almost exactly the opposite of Le Petit Belge that I just had lunch at 15 mins ago...);

pulled pork had its own BBQ sauce already but the sauce was drizzled on top instead of mixed in w the pork, hence the pork was bland; didn't really make sense to add an additional gourmet sauce on top of this;

chicken was borderline dry and the breading was not soft nor soggy in the least; overall, since the waffle was kinda bready, the chicken w the batter made this even breadier, and I felt like I was eating more bread than chicken

FYI you can get these on a pretzel bun too but I opted for just the waffle (kind craving waffles lately)

Sorry, but I have to go back to Miura for my waffle sandwich craving; I think the fact that the waffles aren't made in-house but rather arrives pre-made affected the quality

Demo of the funky container
As per all fries' cones, you can't put it down...

... unless you want to rest your legs and sit at one of the spots on the counter that has a diamond hole to put your fries in. BTW, check out the funky tab at the top that opens up for the dipping sauce. You can get additional sauces for extra $, in which case you will be provided w one of the little plastic cups


FYI guys, free food samples next Thurs, Oct 30 for their grand opening!

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Other Notes
- FWB sources everything premade except for the fries and sauces from one of the major food suppliers.

- Free Shaw Open here! Buy some fries, get some internet. It is fries w benefits after all (hahahah...)

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