Saturday, October 11, 2014

Frosting Cupcakery

October 11, 2014

Afternoon tea - 2

Croissants, scone, fruits

J's comment > croissants not bad, very fluffy, light and crisp; scones tad dense, needs a lot of butter and jam to make it work; pineapples fresh and sweet

Sandwiches, quiche, cucumber wrap, cupcakes

J's comment > sandwiches had decent fillings, good, but I've had better; quiches' fillings were tad too firm, pastry crust could definitely be even flakier; cucumber wrap surprisingly better than I imagined but not terribly impressive either; cupcakes were on the firm side, frostings OK, but cupcake to cupcake, it's gotta be Sprinkles (by far...) or barring that, ManCakes

Devonshire cream, butter & jam

J's comment > a surprisingly really light butter, yet not whipped, didn't add much to a slightly dry scone; devonshire cream flavor also very light; jam you avg variety

Rainbow Sherbert cupcake: Fresh raspberry, pineapple and orange flavored cake topped w rainbow sherbert frosting - 2

What's up Doc? (AKA carrot cupcake) - 2

J's comment > cupcake bases just as firm as the ones provided in the afternoon tea set; frosting of the sherbert was quite light, flavor similar to the advertised rainbow sherbert, but somehow didn't quite work for me; carrot cake was even stiffer than the rest of the bunch as I suspect the location that it was stored in the pastry case was slightly colder than the rest of the case

Numi Tea: Moroccan Mint - 2

J's comment > your avg teabag tea, mint made an appearance though not overtly strong

Numi Tea: Gunpowder Green - 2

J's comment > even lighter than the mint above, almost bland...

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Extra Comment
We had a SocialShopper voucher for this afternoon tea set. FYI, heading east, make sure you pass the first (old) banner, pass 208 St. 

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