Saturday, October 04, 2014

Golden Lake Seafood Restaurant / 湖濱海鮮酒家

October 4, 2014

FYI, as always in all my posts, dishes are ranked from top (best) to bottom (least preferred)

Decent dim sum items
#90 Sticky fried rice w chinese sausages

J's comment > fragrant rice, slightly al dente but just the way I like it

#97 Deep fried chicken joints w chili pepper and salt

J's comment > lightly crisped, very 'cartilag-y', not too salty nor spicy

#48 Deep fried meat dumplings country style

J's comment > excellent mochi exterior, crisp on the outside and chewy and soft on the inside; decent amt of meat inside (usually you get about half of what you see here in the mochi wrap)

#37 Pan fried bamboo shoot dumplings

J's comment > bamboo flavor not too strong, wrapper well done, didn't fall apart, nice chewy texture (kinda like mochi too)

#42 Pan fried lotus roots w fish paste

J's comment > soft and tender fish paste, not fishy at all; needs a touch more lotus root though, not much crunch; the most pleasant surprise of the meal (I've learned to not expect much of this dish, but I was thankfully wrong today)

#18 Steamed chinese sausage rolls

J's comment > your avg chinese sausage in the chinese bun, but bun had a good bounce texture to it

#66 Steamed creamy custard buns

J's comment > bun very soft; very golden liquid-y centre as expected, but unfortunately not much flavor

#72 Coconut milk & scented osmanthus jello

J's comment > decent jello, firm yet fragrant

Smoked salmon fruit salad

J's comment > smoked salmon surprisingly not fishy; fruit salad was your typical chinese 'salad' style, AKA fruits w mayo; wonton shell was crisp

#106 Prawns & walnuts topped w dressing

J's comment > prawn batter slightly soft, could be a LOT crisper; walnuts crunchy, but didn't add much

#3 Pork Dumplings w flying fish roe (siu mai)

J's comment > juicy and flavorful siu mai; entire meat in one potion, not crumbly at all

#2 Crystal prawn dumplings (Har Gao)

J's comment > wrapper held up, didn't tear until nibbled through; prawn succulent

Average, so-so dim sum fare
#98 Deep fried golden garlic tofu

J's comment > tofu cubes could be smaller, but tofu was soft; exterior was borderline soft, could be a LOT crisper

#67 Deep fried sesame balls

J's comment > good mochi exterior; red bean filling a bit dry though; sesame flavor passable

#73 Mango Pudding

J's comment > your avg mango pudding, slightly firm, needs more evaporated milk (that's always the case for me)

#69 Tapioca pudding w baked crust

J's comment > good crust, center was custard-like; had some black sesame at the bottom but not much

#36 Pan fried eggplant stuffed w shrimp paste

J's comment > avg eggplant and shrimp, nothing exciting, moving on...

#5 Steamed spareribs w garlic sauce

J's comment > avg spareribs, more fat than meat as usual; not much flavor

#26 Plain rice flour rolls

J's comment > avg rice rolls, smooth though, not coarse like some places offer

#19 Sticky rice wraps w minced meat and dried scallops

J's comment > avg sticky rice wrap, definitely go for the sticky fried rice (at the top) instead of this

#109 Crystal noodle w shrimp & BBQ pork

J's comment > crystal noodle firm and bouncy, texture interesting but flavor really avg; didn't get the BBQ pork at all

#68 Fresh baked egg custard tarts - 2

J's comment > egg custard was actually a lot paler than it looks; not much flavor to the egg custard; pastry tart was passable

#48 Specialty almond breaded prawns pastry

J's comment > prawn really hard on the inside; almonds present visually but absent otherwise

#15 Shao long bao

J's comment > not much jus, wrapper tad thick; at least the meat inside wasn't raw like Legendary on Denman

#87 Braised cod fish jaws w maggi soy sauce

J's comment > slightly fishy; batter totally soft

Dim Sum menu

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