Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Guilt and Company, feat. Seraph Vodka & Gin from Central City Brewers

October 22, 2014

Brief Note from J
Hugs & thanks to Central City Brewers & Yvonne for the invite to sample CCB's new liquors, the Seraph single malt vodka and Seraph single malt gin. From the words of CCB:

"SERAPH is Central City’s new brand of fine, hand crafted spirits, distilled in small-batches. Refined with the same attention to detail with small-batch brewing that Central City is best known for, SERAPH Vodka and Gin are the first spirits launching this fall."

Guests also had the opportunity to snack on some food @ Guilt and Co, where the event was being held. My reviews below:

Seraph vodka & Lavender Lemonade recipe card on how to make - 2

J's comment > not bad; a mild vodka and easy to drink; I drank the vodka straight up (just  a quarter shot!) to sample thoroughly; would definitely opt for this vodka in future if available as I'm not a fan of tasting the alcohol part in liquors, which is sadly prevalent in hard liquor; yes, hard liquor is made up of 40% alcohol (the Seraph vodka and gin are no exceptions to this rule), but as this Seraph vodka proved, you don't have to taste the alcohol as strongly for the same benefits ;)

re the Lavender Lemonade that I tried (sorry, missed the pic @ the party), the vodka was indiscernible in the cocktail, and I had to wait a while for the buzz to set in to realize that I hadn't been accidentally served a mocktail; for the recipe, click on the above picture to enlarge same

Seraph gin cocktail: Starfish - 2

J's comment > a really light cocktail; I could barely discern the gin and thought at first I just had grapefruit juice, but the buzz set in after a while just like the Lavender lemonade, so I realized then that there was liquor for sure in my cocktail; I then set out to try the gin straight up just to compare (notes below); FYI, see cocktail recipe card below

Seraph Gin & Starfish recipe card on how to make - 2

J's comment > not bad; so the gin itself is actually quite light tasting as I took a quarter shot of it straight up, just a touch stronger in flavor than the vodka; definitely an easy to drink gin

Goodie bag :D

Competition underway

And now onto the food from Guilt & Co:

Daily Soup: Seafood chowder - 2+

J's comment > very fresh fish, lots of seafood and potatoes, would have loved more of the actual soup; a real surprise given the bias I have on bars / pubs not being able to serve decent seafood; I have been pleasantly corrected on this count; most shocking of all was that the chowder wasn't over salted! FYI we paid for this on our own

Tri-dips: Edamame hummus, olive tapanade & smoked fish rillette (Arctic char & sable fish smoked in house and slow poached in olive oil) all made in house, w a pile of corn tortilla chips - 2

J's comment > not bad; rillette the fav of the bunch; hummus good too, but didn't get the edamame; not a fan of olives but this tapanade was passable; tortilla chips very crisp; again, very surprised that given the type of resto we were in, neither the dips nor chips were too salty

Meat & Cheese Plate - 2

J's comment > not bad; bread slightly firm but fresh; meat and cheese selection good, again, less-than-expected-amt-of salt selections

Pizza - 2

J's comment > thin crust, but crust 
slightly soggy; ingredients on top OK, had decent amt of cheese and use of fresh tomatoes always a plus

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