Thursday, October 09, 2014

Guu Garlic

October 9, 2014

Assorted Deep-fried: Deep fried chicken karaage, pork tenderloin tempura & creamy corn croquette - 2

J's comment > chicken and pork overdone, but chicken still borderline juicy; pork sadly of the lean cut and tad firmer than I like; croquette had a good exterior crisp and was really soft on the inside, but was more like a really mushy mash potato texture, didn't get the corn at all; FYI, each lunch set comes w rice and miso soup; miso was your avg variety

Ebi Yuba: Deep fried bean curd shrimp rolls - 2

J's comment > bean curd crisp, but could be even more brittle-y; shrimp present visually, trace on the palate (more bean curd flavor than anything in my mouth)

Complimentary pickles - 2

J's comment > eggplant and cucumber were not bad, soft in texture yet flavorful w the marinade which was like a mild miso; pickles were OK

Almond Tofu pudding - 2+

J's comment > very smooth @ the right consistency, firm yet soft; decent almond flavor, most importantly, none of the after finish cloying flavor that some puddings have

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