Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mix the Bakery

October 18, 2014

Beef, bacon & cheddar meat pie - 2

J's comment > decent pie crust, not the flakiest but had the puff pastry criteria box checked; slightly too much pie to meat although there was a good amt of meat inside; trace bacon and cheddar, but jus inside OK; Aussie Pie Guy's pies still rule

Complimentary samples

Spinach dip, & Blueberry Citrus Jam - 2

J's comment > dip a tad runny but flavor OK; jam not as citrus-y as the description implies, it was just... jam (good jam, but still just jam)

Tunisian Chicken: Grilled chicken, lemon garlic aioli, cream cheese, tomato, spinach - 2

J's comment > lovely panini toasted to a crisp on the exterior, tender chicken and soft in the center; the killer though was the spread that reminded me of some sort of detergent - not a fan at all; this would have totally not passed average if the bread wasn't so good

Carrot cake - 2

J's comment > slightly dense; cream cheese frosting could be fluffier w a stronger cream cheese flavor

Cannele bordelais - 1

J's comment > chewy and borderline doughy; none of the lovely crisp that a cannele should have; Thierry still reigns w this pastry item

SIP: Coriander Orange - 2

J's comment > not too sweet, trace coriander and orange flavor; this was more like a lightly flavored orange soda

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