Sunday, October 26, 2014

Northern Chinese Countryside Restaurant / 山西麵館

October 26, 2014

#98 Lamb & vegetable w noodle in soup - 2

J's comment > noodles are hand cut and had a good bounce texture; broth really mild, almost bland; had some lamb chunks, but could have used more for sure; lamb not too gamey, also almost bland like the soup

Pot of incense: deep fried bread, fish, shrimp - 2

J's comment > intriguing flavor in the sauce; loved the deep fried bread which was incredibly crisp and softened to the right degree in the sauce; fish and shrimp were by no means fresh out of the water, pre-frozen for sure, but nonetheless still made to be quite tasty given their circumstances; a pleasant surprise

#109 Pork meat dumplings in spicy sauce - 2

J's comment > essentially wontons, but these had harder/firmer skin wraps; meat filling OK, could be juicier though; not too spicy

Carnaval: braised pork belly, boiled corn & yam, steamed buns - 2

J's comment > pork belly slightly dry and overdone, but flavor good; boiled veggies were exactly that.. boiled... steamed buns were OK when dipped in the sauce but otherwise on the hard side and dry


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