Saturday, October 11, 2014

Nu Shanghainese Bistro

October 11, 2014

#57 Wok-fried covina w dried seaweed - 2

J's comment > not bad; well fried (could be crisper, but fish wasn't dried out at all); fish moist, flavor mild but definitely a good chinese version of 'fish & (no) chips' 

#186 Xiao-loong Bao (juicy pork dumplings) - 2

J's comment > not the most durable wrapper, but as long as you're careful it should be fine picking up same (wrapped did not stick); tad too much jus and wrapper to actual meat I found, and flavors much milder than I prefer; still, a decent XLB

#46 Sauteed egg white w broccoli - 2

J's comment > light and mild, egg white flavor not too strong

#20 Steamed lotus root stuffed w sweet rice - 2

J's comment > not too sweet; texture of lotus root could be a tad crisper though, tad too soft for my liking; sweet rice was essentially the sticky rice but softer

#111 Baby cabbage cooked in chicken broth - 2

J's comment > cabbage could be more cooked, really annoying to eat as the pieces were so big and hard to cut up

#184 Deep-fried silky rolls - 2

J's comment > fry factor passable, could be crisper; exterior slightly too hard, but interior a decent texture (really hard to describe this particular type of 'silky roll' center, you just have to try it to understand)

#157 Dried scallop & fish-maw soup - 2

J's comment > really chunky soup, fish-maw crisp, not fishy at all; dried scallop not too strong; again, I prefer a 'soupier' soup, and not the chunky kind

#50 Wok-fried prawns - 1

J's comment > prawns definitely not fresh; flavor so-so, could be a lot bolder and less sweet

#67 Slow-braised pork hock - 1

J's comment > woefully drowned in some mediocre bottled sauce, flavor didn't seep into the meat at all, so the meat was bland; skin really gooey/fatty


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