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Thai Cuisine By Montri

October 28, 2014

#40 Mussamun Curry: Chicken cooked in Muslin-style curry and coconut milk w roasted peanuts, onions and potatoes - 2

J's comment > curry tasty, your usual runny/not-too-thick texture as Thia curries are supposed to be; chicken tad dry; accompaniments passable; not too spicy (FYI we asked for 2 peppers level of spiciness for all dishes and found it OK, just the right amt of kick)

#14 Tom Kha Talay (seafood): Smooth and creamy coconut soup w lemon grass, galanga and mushrooms - 2

J's comment > very light, both in texture and flavor, but nonetheless aromatic; seafood not fishy

#15 Pad-Thai w prawns: Pan-fried Thai rice noodle in sweet and sour sauce w shrimps, egg, tofu, bean sprouts, green onion and topped w peanuts - 2

J's comment > well fried, noodles on the soft side as expected, texture could be a tad bouncier though; sauce a good balance of the sweet and sour flavors; nothing unusual

#35 Whole deep fried fish - 2

J's comment > fish slightly overcooked and definitely dry and bland without the sauce; very chunky pieces pre-cut up made this easy to eat

#24 Gra-Paow minced beef: Sauteed minced beef in light brown sauce w carrots, fresh holy basil, onion and chili peppers - 2

J's comment > salty... but beef fragrant and flavorful if you can ignore the salt

#V7 Pad Eggplant: Sauteed oriental long eggplant w yellow bean, garlic sauce & Thai basil - 2

J's comment > eggplant soft, not too salty as feared, avg

#36 Prawn Prig King: Sauteed prawns in vegetable oil and special red curry paste w fresh diced green beans, red pepper and ginger - 2

J's comment > way too many beans to prawns ratio; prawns provided were passable, flavor OK, but was more in line w Chinese green bean & stir fry flavors than being distinctly Thai

Thai brown rice - 2

J's comment > slightly overcooked, the rice was softer than I like (I like em hard-ish and nutty)

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