Sunday, October 05, 2014

Western Lake Chinese Seafood / 西湖海鮮酒家

October 5, 2014

All dim sum were average, so-so dim sum fare but if I had to rank them, from top to bottom are my most 'liked' to least preferred:
Deep fried chicken soft bones w chili salt

J's comment > soft bones definitely crunchy, slightly crisp batter; not spicy; exact same flavor as the squid and tofu

Steamed chicken claws w special sauce

J's comment > sauce well done, very flavorful; would have liked more claws instead of just the end bit though

Deep fried yam balls topped w syrup

J's comment > entire ball was like a mochi ball, no holes at all in these balls! not much yam flavor; not much syrup either so not sweet; this was definitely more for just the mochi chewy texture

Baked egg custard tarts

J's comment > good pastry crust, egg custard could be more fragrant though

Deep fried stuff pork dumplings (wu gok)

Specialty honey pastry (ma lai gou)

J's comment > AKA chinese 'sponge cake'; strong molasses flavor, firm texture

Steamed rice flour rolls wrap w chinese donut

Steamed rice flour rolls w prawns & yellow chives

Deep fried prawn spring rolls

J's comment > very crisp spring roll; decent amt of prawn, but not particularly flavorful

Steamed BBQ pork bun

Green tea coconut milk gelatin

J's comment > stiff jello, mild green tea and coconut flavors

Steamed rice flour rolls w beef & cilantro

Steamed mini sticky rice wraps w dried scallops

J's comment > rice wasn't sticky so much as almost mushy; scallops present, but not much

Steamed shiu mai dumplings

Steamed prawn dumplings

J's comment > what a disaster! wrapper completely ripped open and fell apart upon contact; shrimp very chunky

Steamed meat rissoles chiu chow style

Deep fried squid tentacles w chili salt

J's comment > really firm tentacles, almost too hard; not spicy; exact same flavor as the deep fried chicken soft bones and tofu

Deep fried tofu w chili salt

J's comment > slightly dried out, not crisp at all, not spicy; exact same flavor as the deep fried chicken soft bones and squid

Steamed beef meatballs w bean sheets

J's comment > never seen beef meatballs this big before... flavor OK, not too heavy on the cilantro as is usual

Shao Long Bao

Steamed creamy custard buns

J's comment > center was of the firm bean paste, not liquid-y at all like the ones from Golden Lake, Neptune or Float Court

Mango pudding

J's comment > eeww... texture was mushy... other than that, your avg mango pudding flavor

Dim Sum Menu

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