Tuesday, November 18, 2014

3G Vegetarian Restaurant

November 18, 2014

#47 Sweet and Sour Pork - 2

J's comment > not bad; the beauty of this vegetarian version was that each nugget was consistent throughout, unlike the real thing which usually has a chunk of fat on one end in addition to usually covered in batter and sauce where you can't even see which part you are getting; very close texture to actual pork; good balance on the sauce flavors too, not too thick and heavy

#74 Stir fry ramen w soy ham - 2

J's comment > not bad; not sure the noodles are ramen noodles, but they did have a bit of bounce to them even though they were on the soft side; flavor not too salty

#6 Soy chicken drumstick w peppery salt - 2
#3 Crispy soy baby pig - 2

J's comment > lovely 'chicken' texture on the drumsticks, very bouncy and tasty; baby pig soy was OK, but would have liked a replication of the crispy skin as well for both dishes

#28 Chili tofu w sesame sauce - 2

J's comment > soft tofu, not spicy at all actually; didn't get the sesame sauce

#57 Fried rice w ham - 1

J's comment > eeeww... smelled like feet; texture also slightly mushy; didn't taste or see the fake ham either

#11 Red bean pastry cake - 2

J's comment > not bad; crisp and flaky pastry w a touch of the mochi texture in the center that I'm an avid fan of; generous amt of red bean that wasn't too sweet either


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Extra Comment
For those of you wondering how I got roped into going to a vegetarian resto, let's just say it was a family affair.

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