Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bake My Day Cafe

November 19, 2014

Mini paluva (?) - 2

J's comment > sorry, not sure what the exact name was of this dessert, but it started w a 'p' something or the other; kinda like a triple mousse cake but firmer than a mousse for sure

Feta croissant - 2

J's comment > a soft croissant, not too flaky, more like a brioche than a croissant; decent amt of feta

Ham & cheese sandwich w house made focaccia - 2

J's comment > focaccia OK but sandwich wasn't heated up long enough, still slightly cold on the inside; would be better w a crisper exterior and well, if it was warmer

Cinnamon bun - 1

J's comment > hard and needs a lot more cinnamon flavor & cream cheese frosting

Samples of red velvet & the house special

J's comment > red velvet was hard, not a fan; the house special had a marshmallowy center that was kinda interesting

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